“The works of mercy… were their daily bread.”Pope Francis’ address to GC36

Pastoral Ministries

Jesuits work in a variety of pastoral situations that includes parishes, hospitals, prisons, university chaplaincies and so much more. We try to imitate the creativity and the compassion of Our Lord who went about doing good, healing, teaching, preaching, reconciling. Our pastoral work is a graced and privileged point of contact with people in their daily lives and in the cycle of birth and death, work and play. The sacraments play a key part in this. They are the privileged ways where Jesus meets His people and touches them, bringing his Risen Life and saving power to them. Click here for more information on Jesuits in Parish Ministry.


“The works of mercy — the cure of the sick in the hospital, alms and their distribution, the teaching of the young, bearing hardships patiently — these were the vital milieus in which Ignatius and his first companions moved and existed. These were their daily bread. They took great pains to prevent anything from getting in the way of these!” (Pope Francis’ address to GC36).